Tuesday, September 21, 2010

settling in

Going away dinner in Porterville.
Going away lasagna. Thank you mom and Cathy.
The new apartment, furnished with bunk beds and blue chairs.
The view of our kitchen. Yes, it's as small as it looks, but fully functioning.
Farmer Michael barbequing.
A quick visit to LACMA for an assignment.
I am finally moved in and trying to settle in. Michael and I had to do most of the heavy lifting on move-in day because my dad has broken ribs and my mom has a bad back. Four hours of unpacking later, and painful separation anxiety (from all of the clothes and shoes I had to give up thanks to my new oh-so-tiny closet, I was all moved in. We celebrated at Michael's, where he tried his hand at barbequing and much to his surprise, was amazing at it. His roommates joined us all for a dinner of tri-tip, potatoes, rice, garlic bread, beer, wine and laughter and an amazing night. 

Monday was hectic, tying together the odds and ends before my mom left and bracing myself for the adventure I would partake in today: public transportation. I have to admit, I am very proud of myself that I am actually where I wanted to be. I spent hours and hours staring at BigBlueBus.com trying to figure out exactly where to get on and off and how to slide my card so I wouldn't look like a newbie. When the 8 pulled up, I was prepared with prepaid card in hand and was thrilled that I felt a little like I knew what I was doing. I swiped my card, sat down and breathed a sigh of relief; just to realize a few seconds later I was heading the wrong direction. 

So, much to my embarrassment, I pulled the cord, got off the bus, and walked across the street to try this whole thing again. While waiting for the bus this time around, I made friends with a very nice older woman who gave me the insider's scoop on the LA bus routes. I nodded my head and said, "Oh, that bus goes there?" with interest, when all I really wanted to know was, "Does this one go to UCLA?" It did. We boarded and she chatted with me for the my fifteen minute bus ride about what bus goes where, great spots to eat and how so had come to be a bus rider herself. Thank you woman on bus 8 around 10:20a. I appreciate it.

Now I'm back at my place organizing my closet, clothes and bathroom so that when school starts for me in two days, at least I'll be somewhat ready. 

Until then,


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